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    Frequently asked questions

    What type of window cleaning service do you provide?

    We use the latest water fed pole technology, also called a Reach and Wash system, to professionally and efficiently clean your windows to a very high standard. Naturally we are also able to use traditional window cleaning methods using applicators and squeegees, particularly on interior window cleaning. However, the Reach and Wash system offers superior results and excellent access on high or difficult to access windows.

    What is water fed pole?

    Water fed pole is a van mounted filtration system to purify water. Pure water is very aggressive at attacking dirt. Also, with no impurities, purified water leaves windows completely clean and spot free. As there are no chemicals used, this system is kinder to the environment and it also leaves windows cleaner for longer,as there is no residue left to attract dirt. The purified water is pumped through long carbon fiber poles and through a brush head which is used to clean the window. Using this system we can access windows up to 80ft and clean windows that are in awkward positions, such as skylights, conservatory roofs, and windows over extensions.

    Why don't you dry the windows?

    Using purified water means that the window dries to a completely spot free finish which means it is therefore unnecessary to dry the windows.

    Why do my windows have spots on them after you've cleaned them?

    If your windows have been cleaned using the traditional squeegee method with water and detergent, it may take two or three cleans using our new pure hot water to remove the build up of microscopically thin, but very stubborn film of detergent residue. This may result in tiny specks on the glass but please don’t worry, two or three cleans will remove this residue for good leaving you with windows to be proud of every time, your windows will now stay cleaner as there is nothing left for the dirt to stick to.

    What about the frames and ledges?

    When we use the water fed poles we clean the entire window, including frames and ledges.

    What if it rains?

    Rain water is relatively pure and does not really affect window cleaning work. We would usually still carry out work as planned. However, while light drizzle doesn't affect our results, a serious downpour may affect our cleaning results, if rain water drips or splashes onto a window from a dirty surface such as brickwork or trees. For safety reasons we would not carry out work in very heavy rain or strong winds.

    What is meant by 'first clean'?

    If windows haven't been cleaned for a long time dirt will gradually have built up in the sills and paintwork. When a Reach and Wash system is used the pure water gradually draws dirt out of the rubber sills and paintwork.This may cause a few dirty marks to run down the glass after the work has been done. Generally we will spend longer cleaning and rinsing windows that have their first clean and that generally means that dirt trapped in the sills and paintwork will be drawn out and washed away. Rest assured however, that even if a small amount of residue remains, it will generally disappear over the next few washes.

    How often do you come?

    Most of our residential customers have their windows cleaned either monthly or every 2 months. Within a month a thin layer of grime will normally build up on the glass and after three months a window will look visibly dirty from the street.We pride ourselves on providing you with what you want, so if you want to change your frequency just let us know.

    Will you always come on the same day?

    No. There are too many factors to prevent us rigidly sticking to the same day. Sickness, extreme weather, holidays and vehicle and equipment maintenance all of which may influence our scheduling.

    Are you insured?

    Yes we are insured, we can provide a copy of our Public Liability Insurance upon request.